Find Your Kernels


October 12, 2013 by Kathryn Kuttis

Find your focus.

Where is your focus?

Sometimes it’s hard to start writing when faced with a blank page. Most authors and bloggers find that a simple writing prompt can get things going in the right direction. Writing is a creative process and a good prompt can appease the muse while keeping you focused on a specific topic.

As students in J452 blog their way through the term, I’ll compile a list of links each week to help them kick-start a new post to their blog. Pulled from industry headlines, the links are designed to get public relations students thinking about trends and issues. I’m calling them blog kernels because I hope the links will provide students with a spark of inspiration that leads to their own idea.

Students will blog twice a week for eight weeks. One post will be a response to a blog kernel and the other is a topic of their choice. As laid out in SOJC instructor Kelli Matthews’ blog, posting twice a week is a huge commitment but it gives students a real sense of what it takes to manage and maintain a blog. During the term, they will learn firsthand how to consistently find their voice and generate useful, relevant content that reflects their personal brand.

So before anyone starts to over think it, here are the blog kernels for this week:

10 Misconceptions about PR (Ragan) Most ideas about PR are shaped by fictional characters on TV. Do you think these are true? Do you have some of your own to add to the list?

Stop Whining About Real-Time Marketing (Ad Age) What are your thoughts about real-time engagement as a PR strategy? Have you noticed innovations or lame stunts? Which ones connect with audiences?

Tweet at This Plant And Try to Coax It To Grow (Fast Company) Real-time connection or silly stunt? What makes people pay attention?

The Secret to Winning CSR: Become a Better Company (Mediabistro) If you are interested in corporate social responsibility (and this week you should be) talk about PR’s role in deciding when and how efforts like these become visible.

Dan Snyder’s Redskins Letter Wasn’t A PR Win At All (PRNewser) First they said it was great and now the media are turning against him. What could Snyder have done differently? Did he underestimate the response his letter would receive? Is arrogance always impossible to disguise? How does social media impact a letter?

PR Fail: Local News Shames Air Canada Rep on Live TV (PRNewser)What does video bring to a story? How could someone recover from this kind of mistake?

Lessons in Higher Education Public Relations (Forbes) These are interesting tips from journalists who deal with academic PR professionals. How would you improve their media relations out reach?

Why Every Brand Should Curate Content (PR Daily) Do you find it useful when someone organizes information for you? How can content curation help build a brand’s reputation? What are you curating for your brand?

Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West Parlay Twitter “Feud” into PR (Variety) Celebrities talk trash about each other and then make up. Is this news or just what people like to watch these days? What were the goals for this PR campaign? Did they succeed. Is it just about being noticed?

Social Media & the Law – 11 Things You Need to Know Now (Top Rank Blog) What do you know about the legal limitations of social media? Are you willing to risk a lawsuit over these transgressions?

Foster Farms Remarkable Recovery(Food and Water Watch). What did they do to deserve a free pass on this mega story? Is the government shut down providing a distraction or did Foster Farms say the right message points? Are we desensitized or are they  just getting good at this?

7 Things Really Amazing Communicators Do (Inc.) Good list of habits to cultivate. Not sure I’ve mastered all of these yet. Have you? Who do you think falls into the category of amazing communicator?

Good luck bloggers and remember these kernels are for next week’s post due Oct. 18th.


7 thoughts on “Find Your Kernels

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