Kernels to Keep You Writing


October 18, 2013 by Kathryn Kuttis

Monday Morning.

Monday Morning.

We do a lot of writing in our J452 class. This week students completed a personal social media plan designed to build and expand their professional brand online.  In addition to their blog, students will strategically participate on three other social media platforms to reinforce connections and focus on all things PR.  Most of them decided to fire up their dormant Twitter accounts. I’m looking forward to micro blogging our way through the rest of the term.

Self-created content that explores your own ideas and delivers something informative is usually the best way to connect with any audience. Even just a few words to explain why you decided to tweet a link makes it more interesting, more likely that people will connect with you. Of course, this means you’ll have to put yourself out there. You’ll have to reveal what you know and what interests you.

While many of us want to sit back and wait to get a little better at this social media branding thing, it’s best to just start where you are and go from there. It is the only way to get better at it. Keep listening and watching how others blog, tweet and link in then try it yourself and measure your results.

To keep us all writing and thinking about trends in PR, here are the kernels for this week’s blogging assignment. See if you can respond to them and find a way to put your content onto another one of your social media platforms.

In Varying Tones, Federal Agencies Herald Their Return (PRDaily) What to say after the government shuts you down. How can agencies get back on track without isolating the hand that feeds them?

No Free Shots: How Wal-Mart Responds to Social Media Haters (Digiday) Wal-Mart is taking a more active approach to social media as a way to respond to its critics. Is this the new frontier for corporate communications? How can companies take part in the online conversation and still be corporate about it?

JPMorgan Admits Wrongdoing, to Pay $100 Million (UPI) Government fines for the company’s London trading debacle reached $1 billion this week.  How do you explain that in your corporate social responsibility report? Take a close look at the comments the CEO made in a “hastily arranged conference call.” In an industry based on trust, where can they go from here?

Choosing a PR agency: Ten Questions to Ask About Media Relations (Spin Sucks) Since you probably won’t be hiring a PR firm anytime soon, think about how these questions might help you ace your next job interview. How would you answer them?

Why Aren’t Brands Making More Apps for the Hispanic Market (AdAge) Think apps are for everyone? Think again. Why are Spanish speakers underserved by top brands? How would you reach the growing Hispanic market?

11 Tips for Editing Your Own Writing (ProfKRG) These are good tips from a well-written blog worth following. Could you add anything to her list? Talk about your self-editing habits. Have they changed recently?

5 Things People Need to Do More of on LinkedIn (Memeburn) Wait, what are people doing on LinkedIn? What have you done? What do you recommend others do? Can you point to any results or experiences you’ve had with LinkedIn as a professional networking tool?

Rachael Ray: Paula Deen and Food Network ‘Family’ Will Make Up (Boston) Cooking personality gives her two cents on a sticky situation. I think her boss will say “Who asked you?” What do you think? Could this have been a message that the Food Network wanted to get out? Why was Paula Deen’s transgression so unforgivable?

Why We’re More Creative When We’re Tired, And 9 Other Surprising Things About How Brains Work (Fast Company) When the caffeine wears off you can still keep going.  What do you think of this list? How do you plan to use your brain this term?

6 Essential Components of Top Notch Nonprofit Blogs (HubSpot) Smart ideas on nonprofit blogging that might also apply to CSR reporting. What makes a compelling personal story when it comes to nonprofit communication?

20 Fashion Superstars Who Can’t Stop Taking Selfies (The Gloss) Clients can easily take unsolicited advice as criticism.  How would you counsel a client about posting selfies to Instagram?

United Airlines Honors Free Tickets Snapped Up In Pricing Snafu (WebInk Now) Could they have handled this any other way? Are airlines the evil villain no matter what the story?


2 thoughts on “Kernels to Keep You Writing

  1. Thank you for including me. Good luck to you and your students. It sounds like a great class!

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