November 9, 2013 by Kathryn Kuttis

Clear skies at Eugene airport.

Clear skies at the Eugene airport.

I’m teaching a workshop to help public relations students at the University of Oregon prepare for professional portfolio reviews this weekend.

Recent grads will return to the SOJC to show what they know about nailing an interview, summarizing skills and demonstrating evidence of their work. We’ll also have a panel of professionals from the community to lead a discussion about portfolio design and personal brand management.

There will be plenty of time devoted to specific guidance for each student’s portfolio and on the last day of the workshop we’ll have mock reviews with SOJC faculty. Did I mention we also have a career development expert from the School of Architecture and Allied Arts to help with digital portfolios? I know – it’s a great line up.

Portfolios are a great way to show potential employers what you know. They force you to visualize your professional brand. While J452 students will create digital portfolios in week eight, they’ll first spend time on presentation skills. These can be very useful when giving a presentation but also when you are trying to explain your strengths to an employer, convince a client to embrace your recommendations or pitch an idea to a reporter.

Let’s get started with new blog kernels that I selected from this week’s industry news. I’ve notice that my students are growing more confident each time they post on their blog. I’m excited to report that Heather Lawless used her post from last week “Worth a Thousand Words” to get a job with FOOD for Lane County. Congratulations Heather!

Here are your kernels for week seven:

How the Best CEOs Handle Email (Openforum) Emails are part of your professional brand. Here’s how to manage your in-box once you get your dream PR job. It will  come with a ton of email.

LinkedIn Vs. Facebook: Which is Better For Business Networking (life hack) This is a surprise. What are your thoughts on the best social media platforms for professional networking?

12 Real Tweets That Will Keep You From Getting Hired (theDailyMuse) These are hilarious and good reminder to always consider how you present yourself online.

Why Coke and Pepsi Will Talk Obesity, But Not Diabetes  (PR Newser) How sugary brands talk to their customers about health. I love the quote from Pepsi. How do you think they could present their products responsibly?

The Worst Cover Letter Ever Written Literally (thedailymuse) Given what you know about cover letters, how would you edit this one?

ESPN Anchors Play Dress Up in “Keeping up with Fashion” (MediaBistro) Finally someone addresses the recent redesign trend in football. For those of you in morning this week, this one is for you.

How to Avoid Losing a Recruiter’s Interest and Flubbing Your Job Search (spark hire) Great tips for playing it cool when courting an employer. What are your strategies for professional communication with someone who has something you need?

Why Procrastination Doesn’t Need a Cure and Might Even Make Your More Productive (FastCompany) I desperately want this to be true. What is your process? Are your fighting it or giving into the procrastination madness?

Welcome to Wall Street Twitter Stock Falls (Forbes) Now that they are on the NYSE Twitter will need to address shareholder concerns. How would you position their financial story for investors?

Charities Try Provocative Ads to Attract Attention (NY Times) Solutions to stand out may be too costly. How can conservative marketers raise brand awareness?


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  1. […] PR instructor Kathryn Kuttis says, digital portfolios are a great way to #ShowWhatYouKnow. Providing evidence and explanation will allow your brand to speak for itself, even when you […]

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