Kernel Bombs For Week 8

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November 16, 2013 by Kathryn Kuttis

photo copyI met a group of yarn bombers on campus last weekend. It was early and they were “decorating” statues with beards, wigs and tails. I took a picture. They didn’t seem to mind. In fact, they were all smiling as I walked away.

Week eight means we are almost done with the term. That can feel stressful since there is still so much to do. While I would never endorse illegal behavior, it was nice to see a group bringing down their stress level with a harmless prank. It made me smile.

As we lurch toward the finish line, don’t forget to blow off some steam and find time to smile. Preferably with a group of friends and a big ball of yarn.

Here are your kernels for week 8.

Examining “smart” habits for better writing (PR Daily) Make a top 5 list of smart writing habits have you learned.

Tips for Developing a Successful Personal Brand on Twitter (likable) Have you already tried these tips? What’s working for you on social media right now? How do you use it?

Facebook Tried to Buy Snapchat for $3B in Cash. Here’s Why. (Forbes) Facebook showed its cards and investors are worried.

Sports Authority Pushing ‘The Gift of Sport’ in New TV Campaign (AdAge) Campaign wants sports enthuasists to unplug for the holidays.

Agencies Pitch in to Help Philippine Relief Efforts (PR Week) After a massive typhoon hit the Philippines last week, global agencies show their support.

The First Instagram Ads “Worked” But What Do Brands Do Now? (FastCompany) What kind of content are brands giving to their customers?

Was Lululemon’s yoga-pants video apology a good idea?(Ragan) Could this have been handled differently?

Hashtag Generator Takes You Inside the Weird World of Hashtags (Digiday) How to create and use meaningful hashtags.

After Public Outcry, Cargill Says It Will Label Products Made With a Beef Binder (NYTimes) Company researches attitudes toward pink slime and decides to listen to their customers.

Has ‘The Daily Show’ Bumped ‘SNL’ as TV’s Premiere Comedy Launch Pad?(Variety) Interesting look at on the modern comedian launch pad.

Reporters Coveing Sarah Palin Kept In Guarded Room (HuffPost) This is an  unconventional approach to media relations.


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