Best of Fall 2013

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December 24, 2013 by Kathryn Kuttis

deadyAt this time of the year, you can count on a steady flow of best of lists. They cover everything from movies, dog vines and TV shows to memes and social media fails. The best of list has even become the subject of its own best of list. The Washington Post published a list of the Top 10 2013 Lists of 2013. Really, they did.

After blogging twice a week for nine weeks and working their way into the public relations blogosphere, my J452 students know that lists are a useful and popular type of blog post. They are a quick and easy way to relay content to your readers. According to “Five Types of Blog Posts You Should Be Writing to Gain Traffic,” Fabulous Blogging author Julie Deneen, says lists “are super easy to read, usually fun and slightly addictive.”

It will probably come as no surprise that my favorite list is The New York Times 10 Best Books of 2013. Is anyone else fascinated by these brief and compelling book reviews? How can they summarize an entire book in just a couple of brief sentences? Each review makes me want to read the book no matter what the subject.

After a few weeks of blogging, J452 students were able to draw my interest in the same way. I was surprised to find myself so easily absorbed in their blogs posts. I read about baseball, celebrity Twitter feuds and food culture with a new zest and level of interest that I didn’t even know I had. That’s persuasive writing.

Ultimately, what became clear for all of us during the term is that blogging encourages writing and more writing makes better writers. I respect each of the students for finding a sincere interest to explore and using their voice to generate content. As a new blogger myself, I know it can be hard to stick with it (my last post was over a month ago).

Here’s my list (in no particular order) of the best student posts of Fall 2013. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Feel free to explore their blogs and by all means create a best of 2013 list about something.

Ana Proehl: Spice is Nice in PR

Elizabeth Emery: Tori Spelling Opens Up About Her Finances

Heather Lawless: Hashtags a Brief Account of a Long History

Stacey Ripp: Infographic Assignment

Alexandra Chiappetta: The Portland Experience

Brian Bradley: Four Quick Tips For Writing

Hayley White: Ending the Silence

Daniel Ross: Is Derrick Rose the Next Brandon Roy?

Christina Pellizzon: Can Procrastination Actually Make You More Productive?

Ben Kupferman: Censor

Megan Christiansen: Reality of Health Care After College

Alexandria King: Statlas Looks At Baseball

Alli Lus: Coke Zero Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest


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