Kernels from Howard


January 20, 2014 by Kathryn Kuttis

photo 2How can I make sure that students read my blog this term? I can’t. But using an endearing pet photo might draw a few more readers than usual.

This is my dog Howard. Hi “Howie.”

His steady gaze is meant to both encourage and prompt students in my J452 class to start blogging in response to the kernels listed below. To find out more about our blogging assignment click here.

Howard likes to sleep by the fireplace this time of year. He gave me permission to use his photo and collaborated on the kernel selections. I’m not saying that he reads the newspaper but he does have a sixth sense for sitting on the best sections. He rarely reads anything online unless it’s specifically about dogs and has lots of photos, so most of the online picks are mine.

As students sit down to plan out their blog posts this week (you will plan them out, right?) they’ll choose a topic for their post from at least one of the kernels listed below. I was able to preview their new blogs this weekend and was inspired by their broad range of public relations topics. Hopefully, the kernels will have something for everyone.

If your muse refuses to cooperate take a few minutes and a deep breath. Then look deeply into Howard’s brown eyes and just start writing. Remember we are already in the pool so it’s perfectly OK to get your hair wet.

Here are the kernels for this week:

Dizzying Heights, With Risks (NYTimes) The Winter X Games are in Aspen this week. With danger as a central element to their brand, how do they legitimize their events by sharing messages about safety?

They Want Her on Their Side (NYTimes) What valuable philosophy does Brandee bring to her clients? How has she carved out a niche for herself? What’s her strategy for managing a media relations campaign?

Ad of the Day: Subaru’s Road-Tripping Dogs (AdWeek) Howard picked this one. What’s Subaru know about their customers? How can a lifestyle ad sell a car?

Radio’s Answer to Spotify (WSJ) Faced with increasing digital competition, why would traditional broadcasters decided to offer less variety?

Culture Trumps Cash for PR Man (South China Morning Post) How do you define value? Is it all about the financials? Can tapping into the arts provide a more fulfilling PR career?

Why Non-Tech People Should Apply For Tech Jobs (Mashable) How to break into the booming tech industry. What’s a recent grad to do?

Resume Writing Tips for the New Year (US News) Do any of these sound familiar? What are your top five tips for resume writing?

5 Tips for Pulling Off A Newsjacking (PRDaily) This is my new favorite word for an old favorite strategy. How can you link newsworthy trends and issues to a media relations campaign?

From Scratch Goes Behind the Scenes at The Food Network (HuffPost) Is this network about food or television? How can they protect their brand in the face of this best seller?

Privacy and Consumer Faith on Retailers’ 2014 List of Worries (Forbes) In the aftermath of the Target security breach how can retailers win back consumer trust?

22 Brief Thoughts About That Richard Sherman Interview (Forbes) Should we media train athletes for field interviews? What do producers look for in a television interview?


6 thoughts on “Kernels from Howard

  1. Howard should come lecture/talk about his Kernels in class. Thank you for the variety Howard.

  2. amandaburd says:

    I so appreciate you including a radio article! And a super interesting one at that. That WSJ article explains what I never know how to when someone asks me why my station plays the same songs so many times

  3. […] you today with the fun “homework task” of writing a blog post based off of one of the ‘kernels’ my teacher, Kathryn Kuttis, has given us. It was hard to choose from all the awesome topics she […]

  4. burnsgianna says:

    Nice touch including Howard. I vote some pictures of your kids next. Dogs and children? Two of the greatest things ever!

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