Icy Kernels


February 10, 2014 by Kathryn Kuttis

photoAfter an ice storm that brought the area to a screeching halt, it makes perfect sense to blog about what’s in the news. Or does it?

During the storm, I didn’t rely on social media as much as I usually do. My focus was closer to home and more at a survival level.

Suddenly, I wanted to talk with my neighbors and inventory my pantry rather than look at #rust photos and Italian #beaches on Instagram. It was a shift in digital habits, although, I did frequently check #icestorm2014 and #snowmageddon.

While we were out shoveling snow (you were shoveling too, right?) the rest of the world carried on with business as usual. Nothing seems to slow the news machine these days.

I know I bring a new set of eyes to the kernels this week. When you can’t walk outside because of falling tree debris, it’s not a good feeling. But it did slow me down long enough to build a new appreciation for a few things.

Here are my top five ice storm realizations:

1. Electricity is essential for comfort.

2. Tire chains really work.

3. You can never have too many eggs.

4. Chainsaws can be a welcome sound when a large tree blocks your door.

5. Lattes are better when you’ve had to go without them for a few days.

Hopefully, everyone is safe, back online and ready to roll into week six. If you can relate, use the comment section to explain what you learned to appreciate during ice storm.  I look forward to reading your blogs posts.

Here are this week’s kernels:

5 Creative Selfie Campaigns (PR Daily) Limiting your blog photography? This one practically begs for you to include a selfie.

CVS Tobacco Ban Just The Start. Next: Soda (BostonGlobe) As a pharmacy, what else will they need to pull off the shelves to achieve a healthy image? Is it too late or just in time?

Facebook Timeline Designer Releases An App For Measuring Your Whole Life (FastCompany) Taking your own data temperature. How can information help us reach our goals?

Valentino Apologizes for Using Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Funeral to Promote a Handbag (Time) Uh-oh. Media relations at its worst.

The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Getting a Job (PRDaily) As you work to develop your social media platforms don’t forget potential employers are watching.

NFL Faces Pressure From Congress to Change Redskins’ Name (WashingtonPost) When brands offend. How does Dan Snyder justify his defiance?

Is it time to retire the term ‘public relations?’(PRWeek) How do you define PR? What’s the history behind the term and is it still relevant?

Home-Brewed Coca-Cola in 2015 Could Transform the Beverage Industry (Reuters) Now that’s a big idea. How would it change the way we think? Who are they targeting?

AOL 401K Blow-Up: Worst Way to Deliver Bad News to Employees (Forbes) How could this have been handled better? Was AOL talking to investors or employees?

Making A Broken Family Whole Again (NYTimes) It’s rare that a wedding announcement makes me cry but this one did. What makes this story so compelling?

NBC Cuts Anti-Discrimination Remarks From Sochi Opening Ceremony Speech (Slate) With #NBCFail now a trending topic, what can the network do to save face amid increasing scrutiny of its coverage.


3 thoughts on “Icy Kernels

  1. jennifermcdevitt says:

    I’ve learned that the aftershock is worse than the initial storm. I’m still without power and I’m freezing cold, I just want my electric blanket!

  2. jennifermcdevitt says:

    I’ve learned that the aftershock is worse than the initial storm. I’m still without power and I just want my electric blanket!

  3. emilyscher says:

    During the snowstorm I learned that when peoples’ power goes out you gain a lot of unexpected visitors and need to have a lot of extra mac and cheese on hand.

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