Curvy Truth Kernels


February 16, 2014 by Kathryn Kuttis

photoSeven weeks into the term and my J452 students are finally letting their hair down.

What’s happened? Well, the infographic assignment is upon us. This is one challenge  that you don’t want to do on your own. To get the job done students are asking each other questions, sharing resources and may even be forming a coup d’État to overthrow the third floor technology staff. (shhhhh)

Despite the looming printer war, our class has morphed into a productive visual design studio. A collaborative din has taken over the room as students work together to understand the language and beauty of data visualization. A useful tool for brand managers and strategic communication professionals, infographics continue to grow in popularity. According to data-journalist David McCandless, “Data is the new oil” and the use of imagery or “data viz” is the best way to navigate the information glut we all face.

We all know a great infographic when we see one. Finding an effective way to show a cohesive visual story requires multiple drafts, a willingness to start over and lots of feedback. When you are the only one looking at your data it can be difficult to find the way into the story. Thanks to everyone in my J452 class who’s been willing to try something new, shout it out and take this assignment to the next level.

You can easily find articles on the dos and don’ts of infographic creation. Here’s one of my favorites from Yeomans, How to Create Effective Infographics. Soon I’ll look forward to reading your tips. But first, here are this week’s kernels:

New Apps Whisper and Secret Cater to a Craving to Dish Freely ( Is this what’s next for social media?

10 Pinterest Pointers for Your Brand (PRDaily) Prospective employers might enjoy your knowledge of Pinterest. How would you use it for a brand campaign?

The Best Report on Bullying I’ve Ever Read. The NFL’s amazing investigation of the Miami Dolphins Locker Room (Slate) What did the NFL do right in this situation?

Michael Bay’s Meltdown and How to Overcome Fear (HuffingtonPost) Are you comfortable with public speaking? What would your reaction be to a technical glitch in front of an audience?

Icahn Bows Out of Apple Fight For Now, Credits Tim Cook (Forbes) Billionaire investor pens his own letter to Apple shareholders. Check out the upbeat tone and his use of descriptive language like “exciting product roadmap.”

Yes, That Really Just Happened on “House of Cards”(Salon) With an entire season available on Netflix, how can you talk about a show without spoiling it for everyone who hasn’t gotten around to see it yet? Check out Vulture’s Official Statutes of Limitations on Spoilers link in the article.

Drake Wasn’t Happy that He was Bumped from the Cover of Rolling Stone By Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Time)

Rival Industries Sweet-Talk the Public (NYTimes) How corporate lobbying campaigns spend millions to transform public opinion. Does this surprise you?

Single-serve Coffee Revolution Brews Industry Change (SeattleTimes) Are pods really changing the way we drink coffee? Will patent expirations spur even more growth? What does it mean for Starbucks?

How to Turbocharge Your Writing for Public Relations (Forbes) I told ya so.


2 thoughts on “Curvy Truth Kernels

  1. lwallach92 says:

    I enjoyed reading the Huffington Post article about Michael Bay’s public speaking meltdown. I liked how the article gave tips and advice such as stating that public speaking is a game of control. I personally think public speaking is vital to the professional PR world and is a skill that everyone should obtain. I myself get nervous when speaking publicly so I felt this article was very helpful to read.

  2. kkuttis says:

    Thanks Lyndsey. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to learning more about the X-Games from your presentation.

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