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February 2, 2015 by Kathryn Kuttis

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I’m not sure how it happened so fast but we just entered week five of winter term. Anyone else feel time slipping away?

In this New York Times article, researchers suggest our perception of time can be influenced by our emotions. The article says that time appears to pass slowly when we are afraid.

I usually start the term full of self-doubt, fear and anxiety. This is especially true when I am teaching a class for the first time (hello #J100). Ultimately, it turns out fine once I get started but I suffer as I prepare. Maybe it’s the suffering that slows things down at the start of the term. Then the fear passes and everything starts to speed up.

A few years ago, I read Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like An Artist”. His diagram on “The Life of A Project” made me laugh out loud and consider the stages I move through when I work on something. Just knowing that he named the stages allowed me to move through them more quickly.

We talked this week in class about the three Ps: perfectionism, procrastination and paralysis. Believe me there is nothing useful in those stages. To avoid their trap, I turn off a few of the voices in my head and let my encouraging taskmaster take the lead. “Just try it,” I tell myself, “It’s only a draft.”

You can learn your process and find ways around the traps. Ask yourself where your time goes? Write down what the voices say, especially the mean discouraging ones and tell them to “shut up.” Notice how you get to the other side of a project? What does your suffering look like and does it leave any time to do the work? The school term moving too fast is not the problem. It’s the obstacles we throw in our own way that eat the time.

Here are your kernels for the week bloggers. Did you notice a pinch of anxiety when I mentioned the assignment? If your process is like mine, dread can turn to creative joy pretty quickly.

From Rio to Tokyo, Sports Fans Flock to Watch Super Bowl (ABCNews) Who else is watching and why? How do perceptions of the game differ between cultures? Does the NFL want a world audience? How has their image changed this year?

Snowmageddon: Communicators back ‘better safe than sorry’ approach (PR Week) Was the blizzard of 2015 overhyped? How to can public officials maintain credibility in the face of a crisis that isn’t?

Why Mark Ruffalo, Kim Gordon, and the Other Cool Kids Want Elizabeth Warren to Run (Vanity Fair) What do they mean by the “cool cultural capital of reluctance?” Talk about the strategic communication that goes on in the run up to a presidential election.

GoDaddy pulls Super Bowl puppy ad — but was it a mistake? (Fortune) Known for their risqué SuperBowl ads, GoDaddy may have crossed the line this year. Was their decision to pull the ad the right one?

Japan wakes up to bad news about Kenji Goto (BBC) How has social media changed the political stage for terrorism? What’s the right way to cover these events? What does Mr. Goto’s older brother “Japaneseness” represent?

Shareholders weren’t lovin’ it: McDonald’s CEO resigns (Washington Post) I picked this one for the headline. Can the company rebuild its reputation with a CEO switch? What can a brand do to turn around its image?

7 Habits of Highly Resilient People (Fast Company) Always fun to talk about failure and creativity. Communicators (especially those who are working on infgraphics) need a creative strategy to keep going. What’s yours?

10 reasons PR pros should love (and use) LinkedIn (PRDaily) This professional tool has become more than what it used to be. What’s your experience with LinkedIn. How are you making it work for you? Can you find and show me some great examples of professionals who use it well?

60 Versions of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah,’ Ranked (Newsweek) Anyone want to talk about Leonard Cohen? How can one song bring such different meaning to multiple generations of audiences and artists?

Welcome to the New Face of Big Pharma (Brandweek) Can healthcare companies turn their image around? The certainly have the resources to make it happen. What are the messages they want audiences to hear? What would detractors say.

Sarah Palin inadvertently becomes co-chair of Hillary PAC after disastrous Iowa speech raises $25K (RawStory) After her teleprompter broke, Sarah Palin delivered a rambling and incoherent speech. How are her opponents taking advantage? Check out John Stewart’s coverage of the speech on the Daily Show.

 What Makes You Fat: Too Many Calories, or the Wrong Carbohydrates? (Scientific American) What’s the science behind obesity? How long have we been studying this stuff anyway and why can’t we get it right? Is this a communication issue?


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