Blog Kernels for Week 8

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February 23, 2015 by Kathryn Kuttis


Early spring has arrived in Eugene.

My extended family lives on the East Coast and they are buried in snow. Let’s hope they don’t recognize me in this picture.

Yes, we get lots of rain here and it can take a while before the latest movies arrive but sunshine and flowering magnolia trees in February, I’ll take it.

Here are the news kernels for this week J452. Please write your blog posts and go immediately outside to enjoy this beautiful weather.

Nestlé promises no more artificial flavors or colors in products (PR Daily)Say goodbye to Red 40 and Yellow 5. Well at least for their 5% of the market. It’s easy to image how they’ll communicate their news. The harder question is what could Mars and Hershey do in response?

Pandora Making Bid to Unruffle Music World (New York Times) Is it too little too late? With the stock down 60 percent from its peak a year ago, Pandora is taking steps to change its image. It even mentions some of its “public relations missteps.” How do you think this might help or hurt them?

How Black Twitter Ignited An Oscar Viewing Boycott (Forbes) Are Twitter hashtags able to solve problems as complex as diversity? What does it mean when a hashtag goes viral? Who’s listening? How has the Academy responded?

Women are leaving the tech industry in droves (LATImes) A big problem for the tech industry and its growth prospects. The article suggested they need to disrupt themselves to end hostile work environments. How could a communications campaign help to solve this problem?

World’s biggest PR firm calls it quits with American oil lobby (TheGuardian) For PR firms, increased transparency can mean taking a hard look at your own client list. Check out Edelman’s position on climate change here. How do PR firms manage to stay out of the news?

Aaron Schock’s secret is out: His office has a ‘Downton Abbey’ theme (Chicago Sun-Times) I couldn’t resist including this article for those students who haven’t heard about it. Here’s one of our elected officials representing us (sort of) in Washington. What’s it going to take to get us to start paying attention to our own government?

Alex Rodriguez is back, and there is interest (Boston Globe) Even after his suspension, A-Rod is still one of the biggest stories in baseball. How can the Yankee’s capitalize on this story and turn him into an asset again?

Krispy Kreme apologizes for ‘KKK’ doughnut club (USA Today) Sometimes PR can get lost in translation. Did social media help or hurt in this case?

How to Tell if You’re a Jerk at Work (Wall Street Journal) Here are some ways to get honest with yourself about the way you work with others. How do you use self-reflection and feedback to improve your professional relationships?

Real talk: Here’s what 22-year-olds need to know about their first job (Fortune) What career advice are you ready to give your fellow graduates? Is there anything specific to media professions that you could share?








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