Where? Week Eight

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November 19, 2015 by Kathryn Kuttis

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There is something about week eight that makes J452 students feel lost, seniors especially. They start to see themselves edging closer to graduation but can’t yet imagine what will come next. It’s the not knowing that makes them jumpy. All these decisions and changes on the horizon can be daunting.

I like to tell these students to enjoy the hallway. This is an exciting time. They get to make choices about where to go next. To put what they’ve learned about their own skills and interests into context and think about how they want to build a life. Finding a vocation is an art form. You don’t just do it once. As you grow older you’ll want different things. Self awareness and an ability to contribute to society will determine your success and they grow overtime. I know some of these students feel like they don’t know what to do but they know themselves better than anyone else. They get to decide how to use their talents.

Soon enough these students will be down the hallway in a new room and the SOJC will be in the rear view mirror. I see it happen every year. They go on to do amazing things but still I’m always sad to see them go.

I’ve been in the hallway enough times to know that it’s safe to enjoy it.

Here are your links for week eight:

6 tips to make your presentation more memorable (PRDaily) This article isn’t torn from today’s headlines but could be timely given this week’s assignment. What are your tips for presenters?

China’s Singles Day shopping holiday shows how e-commerce can flex its muscles (StartTribune) China is taking US consumer consumption to another level. How are they using US celebrities to promote singles day? How does singles day compare with Black Friday?

How to write emails that get a response (FastCompany) Networking is the best way to find the right fit for employment after graduation. How does an informational interview work? What would you say in an email? Tips for young professionals are always a useful blog post.

Culinary Institute of America tries sports on the side (Seattle Times) Rebranding a vocational school into a four year college is a tall order. Is sports the key to college life?

Brands, social media platforms join in expressing solidarity with France (PR Daily) How did brands respond to the Paris attacks with social media?

Gawker to Rebrand as Political News Site (OdwyerPR) Maybe it’s not such a far jump from gossip to politics. What challenges will Gawker face as they try to rebrand? Why is the timing right for this announcement?

Is Kate Middleton Launching an Organic-Food Business? (Vanity Fair) How did organic food and celebrity chefs steal the spotlight from film stars? How does this news strengthen the royal family?

NFL Star’s Viral Facebook Post About Race and Sin Captivated the World. Now, He Reveals What He Believes Is Truly a ‘Shame.’ (Blaze) How does this article help to shape an image?

Client communications: Outreach on Paris attacks? (InvestmentNews) When is it appropriate to discuss a global issue with professional contacts and clients? For investment advisors, the markets helped to decide.

Charlie Sheen reveals he’s HIV positive in TODAY Show exclusive (Today) It looks like Charlie Sheen gave this story to the NYTs and the Today show. What’s he doing for his personal brand? How do you think he handled the interview?

Taylor Swift Vs. Katy Perry: Which Star Rules Social Media? (Forbes) How do celebrity feuds fuel publicity? How does social media make this easier? Are celebrities running their own social media accounts?

Was Neil Cavuto’s painful interview with a college student activist fair game? (WashingtonPost) Should student activists be expected to handle journalistic push back? How could this interview have gone better?







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