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February 18, 2016 by Kathryn Kuttis

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This week, I shared my design work from 2005 with students making infographics.

Emails from SOJC grads are my favorite. Like unexpected gifts, they are a delightful surprise that usually arrive when I need them most. So far this week, I’ve had three of these exciting emails.

One arrived yesterday from a student who took J452 with me last winter. She is now working for NIKE and “uses all the skills” she learned at the SOJC.

“Communication and writing are so important in everything that I do,” she said. “I have had to create full marketing plans (which are very similar to PR plans), plan events, make digital flyers, create social media posts and make countless presentations.  I even made an infographic!”

We do all of those things in J452.

Just this term I’ve heard from former students who are now working at Starbucks, Edelman, Weber Shandwick, Nike and Adidas. It’s wonderful to hear about their new lives. Most important, is the confirmation that our grads are learning what they need to succeed professionally. With so many students working at Fortune 500 companies and top firms it’s easy to feel proud to be a duck.

So here we go J452. You’re next. Put everything you have into your presentations and infographics because next year they will be the building blocks for your career. And remember to send me an email once you arrive at your next destination. You can find me in Allen, probably grading infographics.

Here are your kernels for this week’s blog post.

Twitter Won’t Stop Making Fun of Jeb Bush’s ‘America’ Gun Post (TIME) What were they thinking? Was this a strategic message to a specific audience? What does it teach us about Twitter?

Dean Smith’s Shadow Looms Over U.N.C. as It Struggles With a Scandal’s Fallout (NYTs) How should U.N.C. respond to the scandal to restore trust with key audiences? How does the sports industry take advantage of student athletes?

Apple chief defends rejection of FBI court order (PR Daily) Why is Apple eager to protect the privacy of its customers? Why is the issue important to the CEO? How is their response good for business? What are the issues with technology and privacy?

I Analyzed a Year of My Reporting for Gender Bias (The Atlantic) How does a lack of female representation in the media reflect cultural inequality? Where do you see gender bias in your community? Is it a reporter’s  responsibility to seek out the most diverse sources?

Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy Reveals Generational Schism Among Women (NYTs) How did Clinton’s campaign misread their audience? Are young women different from older women in their understanding of gender issues? What makes Bernie more appealing to young female voters? What messages to you expect them to us to reverse the tide?

The drama over Lauryn Hill’s Grammy no-show intensifies (LA Times) As the no-show escalates into a war of words who wins? How do award shows contribute to brand awareness for celebrities. Who decides when to show up? What’s the best way to repair their relationship? Other examples of celebrity no-shows?

Twitter’s Bold New Path Forward: A GIF Button (Wired) How is Twitter trying to save itself? What does the brand need to revive user interest? How are they positioning the rollout of the GIF button?

6 LinkedIn tips to help maximize your job search (USAToday) Ready for a job search? Share tips for maximizing your LinkedIn profile. What are your top recommendations for a professional digital footprint.

The Human Toll of Antonin Scalia’s Time on the Court (Slate) One of the most impactful justices passed away this week. While battle lines are draw over his replacement others look at his “troubling legacy” and the criminal justice system.

Tesla Motors Brings Back Referral Program To Push Home Charging (Fortune) How does a ref feral program reward customers and build a brand? What are Tesla’s challenges? Are customer relationships playing a role in the company’s success?

US Marshals May Arrest You For Not Paying Your Student Loans (EliteDaily) How prepared are students for the economic realities of life after graduation. Do you have any tips for dealing with college debt?

Problem with parmesan cheese is symbolic of broader issue in American food industry (ChicagoTribune) Industrial food makers lack the transparency consumers are now able to demand. How can they explain wood? Are they talking about it? Is it on social media?











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