Time is Running Out

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February 26, 2016 by Kathryn Kuttis


It’s always fun to shop for vintage office furniture. If you haven’t already, wander through Schoolhouse Electric Co.  on your next trip to Portland.

It’s been a busy week on campus. No time for browsing the shops in Portland but always time to read the news. J452, here are the kernels for week eight. I’m looking forward to your blog posts.

Why Sony Music Can’t Easily Cancel Kesha’s Contract (Bloomberg) Why is the public outcry in this situation having little to no impact on Sony? How are other celebrities bringing credibility to kasha’s accusations? Is Sony using social media to respond?

Free Coffee? Starbucks Saves Its Loyalty for Big Spenders (NYTs) Customers will likely be upset by the change in the Starbucks Rewards program. Why are they changing the rules? Don’t they like seeing their customers anymore?

At Prada, Romantic Beauty That’s Just a Little Off-Kilter (NYTs) Why is it important for a fashion house to distinguish themselves?  What are the qualities of the Prada brand? How are they expressed?

Zappos Is Letting Employees Stay Home on Leap Day, and It Wants Your Company to Do the Same (Adweek) What does a campaign that turns leap day into a national holiday say about their brand? Who is the target audience for this campaign? What are some creative ways companies are giving back to their industry, customers and employees? Would you want to work for Zappos?

Court Tells Johnson & Johnson to Pay $72 Million for Cancer Death (Fortune) What is the company’s response to the law suit? How is the company talking to it’s customers, employees and investors about the court’s decision? Did they issue a press release? How has their stock reacted?

Kanye drops new song, teases new album, bashes Taylor Swift (USAToday) How is he hurting his brand? What can he do to turn it around? How are other celebrities impacted by his outbursts?

Here are athletes like Jason Pierre-Paul who have sued the media (Daily News) What’s the nature of the relationship between sports figures and the media? How has it change with the on set of social media?

Vacations with a twist: Work in the outdoors (StarTribune) What is a vacation with a purpose? How does this campaign appeal to and motivate volunteers? Is this a smart way to connect with their target audience? Who’s quoted in the article and how did they make the idea newsworthy?

Oscars: Harvey Weinstein Discourages Boycott, Predicts Chris Rock Will ‘Annihilate’ Hollywood (Hollywood Reporter) Will you watch the Oscar’s this year? How has the Academy’s response helped to draw attention to the Oscars? What do you think Chris Rock will say about about the industry’s lack of diversity? How has social media played a part in this conversation?

Study: Marijuana sends more Colorado tourists to emergency rooms than locals (DenverPost) Who funded this study? What organizations are quoted in the article? Why is Colorado under a microscope for marijuana use in the state?

Greece recalls ambassador from Austria over EU refugees row (Guardian) Which of the European countries are doing the best job of handling the migration crisis? Is their communication strategy aimed at a global audience or closer to home? How has the US responded?

Beleaguered SeaWorld admits employees spied on animal-rights activists (WashingtonPost) How does a CEO admit to corporate espionage? When core values are under attack is it enough to hire an outside firm to examine its security policies.






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