Week Eight


March 3, 2017 by Kathryn Kuttis


In a rush to get campus, I left my phone charging on the counter yesterday. There was no time to turn back. It was either return home to get my phone or a make sure I found a parking space. (More about @uoparking here).

Such is the nature of week 8.  It’s dark. I’m still coughing after three weeks and I forgot my phone.

Behind the wheel and stuck at a light on 18th, I started to catastrophize. What if someone really important called me? What if I was getting a text from my kid’s school? How would I sort out dinner plans with my husband? My screen could be blowing up with urgent information and I wasn’t there to see it.

By the time I reached campus, I’d made a decision to roll with it. I would be more Zen. I would find more time to connect in person and be less distracted by digital snacking.

It was a different day. My thumbs got a rest. I used my laptop to check emails. I didn’t post or like anything on social media but I did read the newspaper and clean the coffee stain off of my desk. Most noticeable were the long uninterrupted conversations I had without my phone. I wasn’t able to check it or look at it. I made eye contact.

Apparently this is a thing. According a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, having our phone on the table next to us changes the way we connect with others. Maybe I’ll leave my phone at home more often.

When I finally got my phone back that afternoon there were only two items on the screen both from the Washington Post with news that actually wasn’t all that urgent.

Along with head colds and lost cell phones, week eight means we are nearing the end of the term. Students in J452 will wrap up their personal social media plans and get to the end of their editorial calendars. Next week, we’ll look at their best blog posts from the term.

Here are a few kernels for this week:

How The Millennial Mindset Is Influencing The CPG Snacking Category (Forbes)

The Last ‘Nashville’ Fan Says Goodbye (TheRinger)

Time for Kaepernick to stand up … and lead (SFChronicle)

What do you call the last of a species? (TheNewYorker)

How a Money-Losing Snap Could Be Worth So Much (NYTimes)

Be the Change: Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (HuffPo)

What Calling Congress Achieves (NewYorker)

Demi Lovato to Be Honored for Mental Health Advocacy (HollywoodReporter)

Denny’s CMO Explains the Strategy Behind One of the Most Popular Brand Tweets of All Time (Adweek)

New details reveal Martha Ruiz’s role in PwC’s Oscars flub (LATimes)

How PR Is Changing: 3 Modern PR Companies That Are Redefining The Industry (Forbes)

Radiohead and sadness: a data analysis (Vox)

Uber said it would listen to drivers. Then its CEO got in the car. (BostonGlobe)


2 thoughts on “Week Eight

  1. Kevin Loder says:

    I can relate when my phone has died faster than expected and I’m w/o a charger. On Sundays I try to distance myself from my phone, and pick up a book. This is a Sunday though, oops! Better luck next week.

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