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I am an instructor at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication (“SOJC”) with a degree in Landscape Architecture. As a visual thinker and verbal communicator, I enjoy exploring the intersection of these two very different disciplines. In the classroom and the studio my investigations focus on writing, representation, media studies and the visual display of complex information.

After 10 years as a public and investor relations professional in New York City, I decided to expand my interest in environmental and visual design with a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon. I started a family and returned to my roots as a public relations consultant. While I enjoyed working with clients, I missed the collaborative din and interpersonal exchange of agency life at Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. Then Kelli Matthews asked me to help with a student portfolio review and give a guest lecture at the SOJC. I felt like I had found my tribe again.

After going “off the PR track” to earn my degree, I was excited to find a way to use my skills as both a communicator and a visual designer. My interest in media studies was central to my landscape architecture thesis, which used cover illustrations from The New Yorker magazine to explore ideas and techniques for representing culture, politics and human nature in the places we occupy.

Prior to my arrival in Eugene, I worked hard to find the right side of my brain. I studied drawing at the Cooper Union, the Art Student’s League and attended Career Discovery at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. As a master’s student, I also taught the spring Plants course so I know how to identify almost anything that grows in Eugene.

With a bachelor’s degree in English from Drew University and master’s in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon, my life choices have continued to expand because of my willingness to take risks and combine interests in a way that are interesting to me. I feel fortunate to spend my time right at the center of everything I care about: visual art, communication, writing and preparing students for the professional world after graduation.

Sometimes I need to pinch myself to believe it’s true but I am also the proud mama of two beautiful little girls who go to bed early and eat lots of quinoa.


2 thoughts on “About Me

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If you share an interest in public relations, media and visual design, this might be a good place for you to hang out. I started this blog to exchange ideas with my students at the University of Oregon. They keep me (and maybe you too) at the forefront of social media, visual communication and career development. Here you'll find our best ideas, links and learning as we write, create and blog our way through a course on Strategic PR Communication.

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